Whiskey Tasting at the Ranch 

Whiskey tasting at the RanchAt The West Lake Grill, we are no strangers to a great tasting Whiskey. After all what would a Ranch be without it? We pride ourselves in loving and understanding the smells & tastes of every flavour. The scent is the sensation and aromas that you pick up from the whisky before tasting it. Important characteristics can be found and should give an indication as to what the whisky will taste like. Swirl it around and allow oxygen to start the evaporation process. It’s important to savour it in your mouth to get the maximum flavour and benefit. Different parts of your tongue and mouth respond to different flavours, so pass the whisky over all areas of your mouth. Now that’s the taste of Whiskey on the Ranch!

West Lake Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s

This American Blended Whiskey is aged 7 years in the oldest Distillery in the US. It’s smell has charred nut & burnt sugar aromas. It’s palate is a soft entry with a medium body and caramel corn and white pepper notes. It has a hot burning ember finish.

Crown Royal

This Canadian Blended Whiskey is aged for 20 years and has a wooden taste with a golden amber glow. It’s smell, pine tar dark caramel & maple syrup with notes of honey & brown sugar. It’s palate has a creamy taste, lend of 50 distinct full bodied whiskeys matured in white oak barrels.It has a smooth enhanced rich lingering finish.

Gibson’s Finest Gold

This Canadian Blended whiskey is aged for 12 years with a woody, nutty, caramel water fade. It’s palate is a pronounced vanilla warm oak with just a hint of almond. It has a very clean finish with the subtle enduring oak.