perfect burger, best burgerHave you ever gone to a restaurant, ordered a burger, bit into it and had your life changed forever? Ever wonder what made that burger taste so good? Was it the fried onions? Was it the special sauce? Was it the seasoned patty? Or perhaps it was a combination of all these things; a perfect juxtaposition of flavours that made your tongue do somersaults in your mouth.

Whatever it was, few people forget the best burger they’ve ever had. It’s one of those life defining moments, equivalent to a first kiss or learning to ride a bicycle. And why shouldn’t it be? As we go through life and get older, our taste in cars might change, our taste in music might change, even our taste in clothes might change, but that one perfect burger, and the joy it brought to us, will remain the same. Burgers have a funny way of doing that. Some people are straightforward ketchup, relish and mustard lovers. Others call foul when you smother the bun in mayo. And still others have to have bacon and cheese or it just isn’t a burger. But we all strive for the perfect burger. As long as there have been summertime barbecues, as long as there have been kiss the cook aprons and people goofy enough to wear them.


So what ingredients make the perfect burger?

Most experts agree the perfect burger always starts with the perfect patty. And the perfect patty always starts with the perfect meat. Here in Alberta, we believe the perfect burger is made of fine AAA Ground Beef, perfectly seasoned, rich in both fat and flavour. Less fat makes for a drier, less tasteful burger. Too much fat, however, can be equally devastating to the burgers’ taste. Grilled or fried is really up to you, though there are many who are advocates for both methods. Which cheese you use is also a matter of taste. Cheddar, swiss, parmesan — it’s really up to you. This is your burger, after all; dress it up how you like. Cooking burgers is a fine art. Too many people rush into it, cooking it too quick on one side and not enough on the other. Take your time, enjoy yourself.

What do you think makes the perfect burger? Leave your interesting or creative burger experiences in the comments below.