The dreaded lunch rush!

Lunch is always a confusing time. Should you pack your own, sit at your desk and still try to get some work done? Or maybe head out to a fast food place for a quick bite that will end up leaving you still hungry? You could even go out to that fancy restaurant and get a decent meal, but the last time you went you were late back for work. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Most folks only get an hour for lunch. That’s sixty minutes to eat, socialize, grab a coffee and catch a small breather before heading back to the daily grind. For some, that hour is the only reprieve they have for the day; they don’t want to spend it at their desks, answering phones or helping customers. Nor do they want to spend it waiting in line for something greasy, or sitting at a table waiting for the cheque to be delivered. Forgoing all of these situations, you’re likely to give up and head to the vending machine for a questionable snack.

Hey, we’re not judging. We’ve all been there. Thankfully, West Lake Grill has healthy options that will tantalize your tastebuds and get you back to work on time.

Great Food, Great Timing

Using the best available ingredients, all our meals are prepared in house and cooked to the highest standards. We believe it’s how food should be.

perfect burger, best burger

Our Ranch Approved Beef Burger is made from 100% grilled beef, covered in delicious crispy bacon, then smothered with a succulent Saskatoon BBQ sauce. Then we pile on crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, aged cheddar and Ranch Style aioli. Guaranteed not to make you want to run for the vending machines again!


Who doesn’t love a great steak sandwich? Ours is smothered in our delicious Saskatoon Peppercorn sauce and topped generously with onion crisps. Words cannot describe how amazing this is. Stop licking your monitor and come get one of these bad boys!


Have you tried one of our Sliders? You get your choice of Elk or Smoked Beef Brisket smothered in Saskatoon Barbeque Sauce with creamy goat cheese, bacon and onion crisps served on house baked ciabatta. You’ll never feel the need to wait in line at that fast food place again.

All our lunches are served with your choice of Ranch Cut Fries, Baby Romaine, Beet & Watermelon Salad or Soup.